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We are living in an increasingly turbulent and complex world, requiring organisations to constantly address change and adapt accordingly. Unfortunately, the common human reaction to complexity is to fight it with more complexity. This is the wrong direction. Complexity can only be fought with simplicity.

Change cannot be managed, it must be led.

It is no surprise that most consultancies are incentivised to provide one-size-fits-all solutions. But, if it was that easy, wouldn’t you be doing it already? Off-the-shelf models don’t work and, put simply, cookie-cutters don’t cut it. Your organisation is unique and so should the solutions be that will enable you to accelerate performance and achieve the outcomes that you and your customers want.





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Stuart Young
Stuart YoungBusiness Visualiser @ Radtac
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Marcus has a natural ability to inspire, motivate and lead individuals, teams and organisations with his unparalleled passion and drive. As a major industry disruptor he is not hesitant in striving to innovate by challenging the status quo. I’m always inspired by the way he masters the skill of executive leadership whilst empowering teams to make decisions and strive for continuous improvement.
Fraser Spence
Fraser SpenceGeneral Manager @ Babcock International Group
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Marcus is a man who gets things done. He thrives on challenge and responsibility and is very outcome focussed. He was a strong advocate for his team, supporting, nurturing, counselling and critiquing in equal measure. A robust negotiator, Marcus invariably reached agreements that suited our needs but was adaptable enough to recognise others’ points of view along the way. In sum, a man with great capacity, energy and resourcefulness.
Robin Hyman
Robin HymanAgile Coach
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Marcus is probably the single most impressive individual I've had the good fortune to work with. He is an energetic and inspiring servant leader, a fearless agent of change and a true believer in bottom up empowerment. He is very effective at making positive change happen and has a deep knowledge and understanding of Lean and Agile. Marcus is a trusted advisor who is influential at all levels. He is a superb coach and simply a great example of how to be. He makes time for everyone and it's been so refreshing to work with a leader who really walks his talk.
John Hackett
John HackettUAS Programme Manager
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Marcus has my absolute highest recommendation both as a professional, and as an individual. He possesses a rare and unique blend of intelligence, instinct, humor and motivation that sets him well ahead of his peers. Marcus has an unlimited capacity for problem solving. He has an uncanny knack for instantly connecting with people in a positive way. He is a born leader with well honed functional skills. During our time together, he was an exemplary instructor and a favourite amongst staff and students alike.
Oliver Anderson
Oliver AndersonHead of product @ Careem (Uber)
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Marcus' ability to bring structure and order to hectic and often times chaotic work environments is impressive and essential in today's fast paced companies. Furthermore, successfully navigating all the political and intangible hurdles of large corporations whilst still maintaining effectiveness and the end-goal in mind, is something I have been very inspired by. Hope we get a chance to work together again in the future!

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